Massage Envy headed to Grandview Yard

Come March, Grandview Yard’s workout warriors will have a new option for stress and pain relief.

Franchisees Jonathan and Denise Turner plan to open a Massage Envy clinic in a 3,700-square-foot space along Goodale Boulevard in the office building next to Urban Active Fitness Club in the new development.

It will be the second location for the Turners, who opened a Hilliard spot three years ago, and the seventh overall in the market.

Nationwide Realty Investors Ltd. spokeswoman Tina Guegold said work on the space is underway now with a March opening projected. Another confirmed tenant, Schindler Dentistry, which will be relocating from Powell, is expected to open that month, too.

Turner said he and his wife had talked with Nationwide about a Grandview Yard location for more than a year before committing.

He said Nationwide’s approach is what ultimately convinced them, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to be located near a fitness center.

“Massage is moving away from the elite/luxury environment,” Turner said. “It’s more accepted for medical use and for pain and stress relief. It’s a natural addition for people who work out and watch their nutrition.”

The business offers a variety of massages—Swedish, deep tissue, sports, pre-natal—and has membership packages that have discounts. Turner said the company is adding facial services and is moving more toward a spa feel than a clinic.

He said there are no immediate plans to partner with Urban Active on promotions, but that is something that could be explored down the road.

Turner said the overall industry took a hit in 2008 with massages dropping year-over-year for the first time in 10 years, but it recovered in 2009 and so far in 2010.

An average Massage Envy makes $1 million in annual sales and Turner said he expects the Grandview Yard location to hit that mark.

Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Massage Envy has more than 600 locations nationwide.