Hofbrauhaus at Grandview Yard receives its copper brew kettles

The first sign that the building going up along Goodale Boulevard and Yard Street is a cousin to a renowned German beer hall arrived Monday morning.

Two copper brew kettles were eased into the 18,000 square foot building which is the third Hofbrauhaus in the U.S. The Hofbrauhaus is scheduled to open Oct. 21, and a grand opening ceremony will be held Nov. 19, according to managing partner Nicholas Ellison.

A lot of work remains on the building’s interior and exterior, and much of what will be the outdoor beer garden in the spring is now storage for building materials.

Hofbrauhaus prefers the aesthetics of copper kettles and they provide a window into history, Makein said. The first beer brewed by Hofbrauhaus in Munich more than 400 years ago would have been boiled in copper kettles. Today much of the beer industry uses stainless steel vessels.

Ellison, also a partner in the Hofbrauhaus locations in Pittsburgh and Newport, Ky., said the Grandview Yard project has been the easiest of the three to construct. The U.S. locations are modeled after the Munich beer hall, where diners sit at common long tables, and can choose only from a handful of house-made beers.

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