Grandview Yard’s Hofbräuhaus to Serve up Genuine German Family Fun September 1st – 6th

Oktoberfest celebration to feature music, dance, food and great beer. 

Hofbräuhaus Columbus is set to kick off six days of adult and family Oktoberfest fun beginning September 1.Hofbräuhaus Columbus Marketing Director Matt Plopp made the announcement and outlined the restaurant’s exciting plans for the week.

“We will kick off the party on Tuesday September 1st at 7pm with our ceremonial Oktoberfest keg tapping,” said Plapp.  “On Thursday September 3rd we will host College Night and then Friday through Sunday we will finish the week strong our authentic Oktoberfest party.

The week long festivities will include German bands and dance groups, strolling musicians, various contests and experiential activities, circus acts, face painting and balloon animals.   The event will also include special Bavarian fare and Hofbräuhaus’ legendary Oktoberfest beer imported just for this event all the way from Munich.  “We are so excited to be hosting this event,” said Plapp. “I guarantee that there will be something for everyone.”



Tuesday September 1st – Oktoberfest Keg Tapping – 7pm-9pm

 Wednesday September 2nd – Steinmaster Oktoberfest Party 7pm-9pm

Thursday September 3rd – Oktoberfest College Night 9pm-1am

 Friday September 4th – Oktoberfest Party 5pm-Close

Stilt German Balloons and Juggling 6pm-9pm

Living Statue Fairy 6pm-9pm

Face Painter 6pm-9pm



Friday Band Schedule:

Frank Svet 4pm-8pm

Autobahn Solo 8pm-9pm

Autobahn Trio 9:30pm-1:30am


Mike & Martin 5pm-9pm

 Saturday September 5th – Oktoberfest Party 12noon-Close

Stilt German Balloons and Juggling – Noon to 8pm

Face Painting – Noon to 6pm

Living Statue – Fairy – 6pm to 9pm

Saturday Band Schedule:

David Sabatka 12pm-6pm

Frank Svet 6:30pm-8pm

Autobahn Solo 8pm-9pm

Autobahn Trio 9:30pm-1:30am


Frank Svet 1:30pm-5:30pm

Mike 6:00pm-6:30pm

Mike & Martin 6:30pm-10:30pm

 Sunday September 6th – Oktoberfest Party 12noon-6pm

Stilt German Balloons and Juggling – Noon to 6pm

Face Painting – Noon to 3pm

Living Statue Fairy – 1pm – 7pm

Sunday Band Schedule:

David Sabatka 12pm-4:30pm

Bill Antoniak 5:00pm-8pm

Hofbräuhaus Columbus is located at 800 Goodale Blvd in Grandview Yard.  For more information call 614-2942437.

What do and Oktoberfest and Hofbräuhaus have in common?             Munich’s famous Hofbräuhaus was founded in 1589 by the Duke of Bavaria, Wilhelm V. as the brewery for Royalty. The Oktoberfest tradition started in 1810 to celebrate the marriage of Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese. In an effort to allow the commoners to partake in the ceremonies, the noble couple decided to organize a grand wedding party for its subjects outside of the Munich city gates—and some 40,000 happy Bavarians showed up for the fun and to partake of the Royalty’s Hofbräuhaus beer. That was the beginning of Oktoberfest.

 About Hofbräuhaus Columbus                                                                                   Hofbräuhaus Columbus is franchised from the legendary Hofbrauhaus in Munich. The historic beer hall and brewery has been making beer since 1589.  Beer is prepared on-site using original recipes handed down by the Duke of Bavaria. Our very own Brew Master from Germany oversees the brewing of our four year-round beer varieties, plus our seasonal specialties. The Hofbräuhaus menu boasts delicious German fare including Bavarian dishes, as well as American favorites.

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