Grandview Yard getting new CoGo Bike Share Stations

CoGo Bike Share is expanding again in Columbus.

The bike sharing service and the city of Columbus say the new stations will expand the service farther north to Lane Avenue and farther south to Thurman Avenue. CoGo will add a Third Avenue station at Grandview Yard, too, in front of the Giant Eagle Market District store.

“With each expansion we hope to accomplish two goals: fill in the existing stations and extend the boundaries of the stations as a whole,” Derek Wurst, CoGo general manager, said in a press release. “We’re doing some important extensions this time around.”

The new locations are as follows:

  • Lane Avenue at Olentangy Trail (already in place)
  • Jaeger and East Whittier streets (already in place)
  • Thurman Avenue and Bruck Street
  • Fourth and Rich streets (already in place)
  • Third Avenue at Grandview Yard Giant Eagle Market District

In 2015 CoGo added 11 stations, which accounted for 37 percent of the system’s rides.

CoGo will have 46 stations with 365 bikes to rent after the expansion. Most of CoGo’s stations are in the “core downtown area,” a press release says.

CoGo’s operator, Motivate International, runs bike sharing systems in 12 cities around the world, including the Citi Bike system in New York City, according to the company’s website.

The city of Columbus financed the initial launch of CoGo in 2013 with an initial investment of $2.2 million. The city and Motivate share profits from the system – Columbus reinvests those profits in CoGo.

In recent years Ohio State and Easton also deployed bike sharing systems, but those are run by Zagster.