Restaurant Review: Habaneros Grandview

Article originally published by Miriam Bowers Abbott for the Columbus Underground

The Habaneros Fresh Mexican Grill team operates three eateries here in Central Ohio. You’ll find a couple Habaneros locations in the Hilliard area, and it’s now joined the Grandview community in Grandview Yard.

It’s what’s inside that counts. That’s always true when it comes to good food. And inside Habaneros Grandview are a lot of televisions. Big, great big, glowing televisions.

Honestly, that’s totally okay, too. The Grandview location aims to be a gathering place for games and other things…so, it’s a hot spot with good eats and a great big dining patio. The overall effect is kinda glitzy, and that works out just fine. A visit to any establishment is more successful when you understand what it’s trying to accomplish.

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