Hofbräuhaus Columbus – Erntedankfest & Thanksgiving

From The Hofbräuhaus Biergarten Blog
Written by Rachel Gyarmati 

Autumn is a time to come in from the Biergarten and enjoy a hot meal inside. It’s also a time that we take stock of our year and give thanks.

Internationally, this time of year carries the same tone for most. Families and friends will gather over large meals and celebrate what we are most thankful for.

All celebrations are not the same. This month we will look at the celebrations of our beloved Germany and how it compares to an American Thanksgiving.

Read on to learn how to celebrate the German way and what foods we recommend for a great feast. As always, we are so very thankful for our community and the opportunity to serve them.

The celebration of Thanksgiving in Germany is called Erntedankfest. The literal translation is, “thanks for the harvest fest.” Rather than celebrating in someone’s home, Erntedankfest is publicly celebrated.

Celebrating as a community and outside of the home is so very German. We see examples of that in the creation of the Biergarten and Oktoberfest. All are opportunities to come together, eat, drink, and celebrate being a community.

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