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LEED-ND Certified Neighborhood

U.S. Green Building Council

In 2014, The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) awarded the Grandview Yard development Silver LEED Neighborhood Development Pre-Certification, making it one of the first developments in the Midwest to become pre-certified as a LEED-ND Silver Plan community.

The first standard of its kind, LEED-ND embraces principles of Smart Growth and New Urbanism; encouraging sustainable and environmentally responsible design and development on a broad and integrated scale.

Like a scene in a movie that begins with the camera tightly focused on one element before zooming out to reveal an eye-opening new perspective, LEED-ND is about acknowledging context and connection.

Achieving a pre-certified LEED-ND Plan recognized Grandview Yard as a pioneering example of sustainable design and demonstrated the developer’s leadership in transforming the development industry. Grandview Yard earned this recognition for excellence in the built environment and a place among the finest developments incorporating the principles of smart growth, urbanism, and green design.

Being a green community means that sustainable principles are considered and incorporated in every aspect of planning, design as well as construction. Ultimately, the goal of the USGBC is to encourage creation of neighborhoods designed to support a smarter and more
sustainable lifestyle through:

Expanding awareness of the potential impacts of global warming on the local climate and biodiversity.
Stimulating a sense of ownership and responsibility for the community within occupants and visitors.
Empowering occupants and visitors to take actions that contribute to a more sustainable and livable future.

The Grandview Yard development is currently pursuing the LEED-ND Sustainable Education (IDPC1.4) credit at Stage 2 of the LEED Neighborhood Development System. Once certified, Grandview Yard would be the first in Ohio, and the largest development in the US, at approximately 78 acres based on the revised boundary, to achieve certification under this rating system.


LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is an internationally recognized green building rating system that provides a framework for healthy, highly efficient environments by recognizing and rating performance in areas including, sustainable technologies, smart location and linkage, neighborhood pattern and design, and green building infrastructure and buildings.

Features of Grandview Yard that reflect these standards include:

  • High-density master plan developed on a blighted, formerly industrial site
  • Comprehensive onsite remediation and reclamation strategy used to transform the blighted industrial district into a vibrant mixed-use urban neighborhood
  • Designed as a compact neighborhood with a diversity of land uses including pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, highly landscaped streets, building facades, 3-acres of public parks and green spaces, a pedestrian and bicycle friendly circulation flow, and access to public transportation
  • Individually LEED-certified mixed-use and office buildings throughout
  • Environmentally responsible mobility options including miles of walking and biking trails in the area for Grandview Yard residents, tenants, visitors, and the surrounding community
  • Six certified green projects that reduced negative environmental effects through better building performance