A Powell couple downsizes to a new townhouse in Grandview

Article originally published in Columbus Monthly by Brian Ball

When Carol Watkins and her husband, Craig Woods, began thinking about where to live after her retirement from Dublin-based Cardinal Health, they had plenty of choices. They sought to move from their large Powell home closer to the urban entertainment districts they enjoyed.

The couple had little appetite for renovating an older home, as they also have a residence in Florida to maintain. “We wanted something more turnkey,” she says. Upper Arlington remained a possibility as Woods had spent much of his childhood and teen years in that community. “I’m sure we would have been happy there,” he says.

How they got to Grandview Heights came through developer Mark Wagenbrenner, who volunteers with Watkins for the Childhood League Center nonprofit. The two had a discussion about the few urban living options for empty nesters.

Ultimately, that conversation led Watkins and Woods to find a group of detached townhouses that Wagenbrenner Development was building as part of its Homes of Pullman Way neighborhood. Located within the mixed-use Grandview Yard, the community on the eastern edge of charmingly vintage Grandview Heights has blossomed with an array of modern living options. In Central Ohio, it is one of the hottest pockets of new real estate sales, in part due to its close proximity to Downtown and Ohio State University.

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